Corporate Office Accounting Pte. Ltd.

Corporate Office Accounting (COAPL) started with a mission to enable entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to have greater access to opportunities within Asia Pacific region. We saw the challenges faced by various stakeholders while establishing their presence in Singapore and the extended region. COAPL strives to make this process a seamless experience for our clients, providing the necessary expertise to help business owners and investors to plan ahead when they set up an office, at the same time fully complying with all local regulations.

We envision COAPL to play a significant role among SMEs locally and the wider region, forming key partnerships to help businesses grow and establish its presence within their intended market. COAPL will set the benchmark within the corporate services industry in delivering quality, effective and reliable services to our clients.

Established in 2010, COAPL has been the trusted business partner for more than 80 businesses across Asia Pacific. Working alongside business owners to ensure their business complies with Singapore’s regulation, while providing timely operational services to help businesses grow domestically and internationally.

Our modus operandi was formed through the values that our company strongly believes. To provide reliable services which cater to the unique needs of our clients and forge a strong working relationship through trust and transparency.

Setting up your business

Once your business operation is up and running, we can continue to assist with the non-operational support so that you focus on growing your business.

Accounting Support Services

We can take the burden of local legal compliance off your lists of distractions so that you can wholly concentrate on doing what you do best in the business.